Child Exploitation (Pan Merseyside Multi-Agency CE Protocol)

Pan Merseyside Multi-Agency Child Exploitation Protocol 2020

All agencies across Merseyside are fully committed to safeguarding children and young people from being sexually exploited or criminally exploited, whilst disrupting and prosecuting individuals who have exploited them. The Pan Merseyside Protocol provides a set of multi-agency principles for tackling Child Exploitation across Merseyside. An overarching term of Child Exploitation will be used throughout this Protocol to encompass both criminal and sexual exploitation of children in our area.

The Protocol details how through the Multi-Agency Child Exploitation meetings (MACE) we can reduce the harm posed to children from Child Exploitation alongside safeguarding procedures.

Child Exploitation, whether sexual or criminal, is child abuse. Children who become involved face huge risks to their physical, emotional and psychological health and well-being.

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