Sefton Safeguarding Children Partnership

Information for SCHOOLS

Model Policy Framework for Child Protection in Sefton Schools

(Sefton MBC) has developed a model policy framework for child protection in schools. The framework is aligned with Keeping Children Safe in Education (DfE). 

The model policy framework is written with the local context for schools to utilise and adapt for their individual setting.

Click HERE to download the Whole School Model Child Protection Policy  (updated September 2023) and adapt to your individual school setting.

Model Policy for Bereavement and Loss

Sefton MBC has developed a model policy for schools to utilise for Bereavement and Loss.

Click to download the Model Bereavement and Loss Policy and adapt for your individual school setting.

The Role of an Appropriate Adult

When a person under the age of 18 (or vulnerable adult) is arrested and taken into custody by the Police, the Custody Officer is responsible for identifying vulnerable people and provide an 'appropriate adult' to accompany a young person during police interview and key stages of investigations.   Sefton MBC has provided guidance on the role of an Appropriate Adult (Sept 2022).  CLICK HERE to download guidance. 

Talking to Children and Young People about Terrorism Attacks

We know that young people are informed by what they see and hear, particularly online and research shows that while children are becoming more aware of online threats, they aren't sure what to do when they see something online that upsets them.  Social media has changed the way we consume information.  h2b Safer have created a guide with advice on how to talk to children and young people about terrorist attacks, with a focus on exposure to information online.  Download the guide here.

Tackling Race and Faith Targeted Bullying Face To Face and Online: A Guide For Schools

A short guide for schools about how to respond to bullying connected with race or faith, whether it occurs online or offline.